EnerCHI Salad

Asian Salad

A blend of traditional Asian and leafy greens including spinach, baby bok choy, snow pea shoots, Asian mustard greens and carrots, this nutritious salad is ready for a simple dressing of your choice. Chi = Vital life force; building inner strength and energy

Quick Tips

Change: Use this salad blend instead of your usual mixed greens, to change up your routine. 

Dressing: Dress it simply with splash of citrus juice and a drizzle of oil, or with your favorite vinaigrette or Asian salad dressing.

Add-ins: Use it as the base for a quick Chinese Chicken Salad. Simply add tangerine or mandarin slices, grilled chicken, slivered almonds (or peanuts) and crunchy wonton strips (or chow mein noodles), along with an Asian sesame dressing. 

Wilt: For a change of pace from salad, wilt EnerCHI quickly in a hot skillet or wok, and serve as a side dish, either plain, or drizzled with sesame oil or oyster sauce.